Simplifying School Admin

Paperly is an all-inclusive platform that helps schools reduce critical admin load on their teachers and admin staff, while being easy to use for parents, and keeping your data 100% secure.

Modules Built for Schools, by People who Work in Schools

We are a team of education experts creating administration efficiency in schools across Australia.

The Paperly modules are created specifically to fill the gaps left by your school's SMS, including Excursion Management, Sports Management, Co-curricular, Peripatetic Music, Online Store, digital Forms with workflows, integrated Calendars and more!

Single Platform

Paperly encapsulates multiple modules and features into a single platform, eliminating the need to deal with multiple vendors and support teams.


With Paperly, your data continues to be stored in your existing school environment. We don't store any of your data on our servers!

Live Data

Paperly has a live, real-time connection to your database. No sync's required which means your database remains the source of truth.

Workflows & Integrations

No need to learn new processes. We fit in with what you are already familiar with, albeit, digitally, streamlined, and paperless.

Want To Learn More?

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